Scooby doo for every child is synonym with adventure, thrill, creeps and fun. For every individual who cannot get enough of this amazing cartoon character we bring to you exciting arcade games.

These games have been selectively crafted on lines of the prevalent storyline of the famous animated series. The fun exceeds beyond just watching your favorite cartoon character unravel mysteries on television. You can assist Scooby Doo to go on some adventure or even help the gang solve puzzles and outrun the monsters.

We constantly strive to be the best Scooby doo online gaming website. Our writers who are diehard fan of Scooby doo constantly work on creating exciting game themes and stories. Each and every game story line is first reviewed by our team of expert writers. Only once the developed theme gets approved the game is uploaded on the website.

The fun does not stop with arcade games. You can even take print out of coloring pages which children will certainly love to color in their own versions. Test your knowledge by indulging in trivia games of your choice.

Trivia Challenge Trivia Challenge

Think you are the craziest Scooby Doo fan amongst all? Take this challenge and put your knowledge to test. Answer simple questions regarding Scooby doo and the gang correctly in fastest of time and score best to beat all the other competitors.

Memory Challenge Memory Challenge

Memory Challenge is a fun free flash memory style game featuring our main character and his friends. Can you master this game and become the ultimate Memory Challenge master?

Big Air Snow Show Big Air Snow Show

Everyone knows Scooby at Big Air arena. You can opt for multi player and choose either Shaggy or Scooby to snow board. The game is all about finding out who can snow board best. Guide the participant to snow board higher on the height meter and showcase impressive skills in air.

Escape From The Coolsonian Escape From The Coolsonian

In this fun flash adventure you get trapped inside the Coolsonian Mueseum and you need to find your way through three different exhibit halls or you will end up being a permanent exhibit yourself!

1000 Graveyard Dash 1000 Graveyard Dash

Evade the ghost trying to prevent Scooby Doo escape from the graveyard. You know how terrified Shaggy and Scooby get in the graveyard. So, make sure that you outrun the ghost and win in fastest of time to make your presence felt on the leader board.

Creepy Castle Creepy Castle

In this fun and exciting adventure flash game you need to make it through the Creepy Castle safely without getting too scared. You need to pick up objects along the way that will help you keep the ghosts from frightening you. If you gets too scared you'll lose a turn. Eat some Snacks so you don't get so scared.

Creepy Cave Creepy Cave

Another cool adventure flash game where you need to help guide the Scoobster and Shaggy through an adventure in a Creepy Cave. You will need to solve logic based puzzle along the way so pay attention to the scenes for valuable clues and collect inventory to help you overcome obsticals that may be in your path. Try not to get too scared on this one, you need to try and keep your cool in Creepy Cave.

Temple Of Lost Souls Temple Of Lost Souls

The Great Dane and his best friend Shaggy have found themselves trapped inside the Temple Of Lost Souls and they need your help to try and make it out safely without getting too scared. Help navigate our friend through the levels, pick up objects that may help you along the way and try not to get too scared.

Lost His Track Lost His Track

In this adventure our dog hero has gotten himself lost in a spooky swamp and he needs your help to make it out of the swamp safely and get back with the gang. You have up to five tries to find the rest of the gang, but be careful because if you fall in to the water then you lose a chance.

Big Air 2 Big Air 2

The game is very impressive and simple for anyone to master. Just use the arrow keys to make your favorite cartoon character jump to the highest point. Watch them perform daredevil stunts and impressive tricks at locations around the world.

Castle Hastle Castle Hastle

Our friends of the the Mystery Inc gang are on their journey to a spooky haunted Castle and you need to help get them ready for the trip by getting them their belongings. Use your tools to get rid of the spookey ghosts while trying to get to the rooftop!

Daphnes Fight For Fashion Daphnes Fight For Fashion

Someone has stolen Daphnes favorite pink outfit and she's left with some dreadful looking clothes. Now Daphne is on a man hunt to get her favorite outfit back. Can you help Daphne kick some serious butt and find her favorite fashionable outfit? Get ready for some intense knock em out action in Daphnes Fight For Fashion.

Barbie in The Great Scooby Doo Search Barbie Great Scooby Doo Search

This is funny game where Barbie needs to try and search the area to find clues and the letters to solve the puzzle and find out where our favorite dog is hiding.

Dress Up Dress Up

In this dress Up game you can dress up our main character in to all kinds of really cool clothes and accessories. Just how cool or crazy can you make Scoobster look?

Ghost In The Cellar Ghost In The Cellar

The Ghost Of Christmas Past is coming after our friends and its up to you to help them avoid the spooky ghost. You need to disguise our friends by using costumes to fool the ghost before he appears on the screen.

Grave Yard Scare Grave Yard Scare

Shaggy is stuck in the Grave yard and there are huge tomb stones falling over him. Shaggy is frightened and cannot look for the escape. Help him live by avoiding these rocks falling on his head. Help him survive till the end and make it alive out of grave yard.

Highway Smash Highway Smash

Scooby Doo and the gang are being chased on the highway. You have to take the full responsibility of driving the Mystery machine and make sure that the group escapes the clutches of their tormentors. Try to make it to the end without hitting any passerby.

Hollywood Horror Hollywood Horror

The gang have gone to visit Daphnes Uncle Maxwell but when they got there they found out that a spooky ghost has kidnapped him. Help our friends look around the scary mansion grounds to try and find clues to find Uncle Maxwell and figure out who the scary ghost really is.

Hollywood Horror 2 Hollywood Horror 2

The Hollywood Horror ghost is back, a ghost straight from the silver screen, and he has got Daphnes Uncle Maxwell again. Help Scooby Doo and Shaggy find some clues to help rescue Uncle Maxwell again and save the day in Hollywood Horror 2.

The Last Act The Last Act

The two best friends are being chased by the ghost of Christmas future. You have to make sure that the gondola does not slow down and does not hit any of the hurdles on the course. Read the instructions as to how to increase the speed in various situations.

Shaggys Midnight Snack Shaggys Midnight Snack

Shaggy is sleep walking and his tummy is a rumbling but he is like a zombie and dont know where to go. Use the ghouls hands to help tell Shaggy where to go so that he can make it to the refridgerator and get him a yummy midnight snack to calm the hunger demons in his belly.

Snack Machine Snack Machine

This one game gives you all the power in the world of Scooby Doo. You have to make sure that Scooby Doo gets his snacks hot, fresh and on time. Maneuver mouthwatering snacks through several obstacles to make sure that Scooby Doo gets his snacks on time.

Big Air Big Air

Here is a really cool skateboarding game! In this one you need to jump as high out of the halfpipe as you possibly can. Use your arrow keys to perform tricks and gain momentum and achieve maximum speed.

Defend Your Berry Bones Defend Your Berry Bones

Help Scooby Doo and Shaggy protect their Berry Bones. Monsters are constantly lurking in shadows to grab and steal their food. Prevent the ghosts from stealing the berry and even if they achieve to do that stop them midway by taking the berry back.

Motor Madness Motor Madness

Motor Madness is fun adventure game where you and the gang are on the trail of some suspicious characters. You need to follow them around town in the mystery machine to see what there up to. You need to be careful to not get too close to them or you will spook them and they will take off. If you see them doing something they shouldn't be take some pictures as evidence.

Ghost Pirate Attacks Ghost Pirate Attacks

Ghost Pirate Attacks is a cool and spooky adventure game that you can play for free online. Help our 2 friends walk around the ship while avoiding the spooky pirates. You need to find items that will help you along the way, look long and hard and try to complete the levels without getting too spooked in this fun flash game.

Jigsaw Jigsaw

This is a really cool jigsaw puzzle game that features a really cool picture of our custom mascot with his pimp hat and cane. You need to rotate the pieces and fit them together to complete this jigsaw puzzle game.

Neptunes Nest Neptunes Nest

Neptunes Nest is a fun and addicting flash adventure game featuring our dear friends. They need your help to navigate through these mysterious levels, trying to find objects and items that will help them along their way and help them complete tasks. Try to find all the hidden items and make your way through these adventure filled levels!

Terror In Tikal Terror In Tikal

If you are one of those who likes to solve puzzles and want to be in the middle of action. Then this one is perfect for you to try out your detective skills. Help Scooby and Shaggy find items which will ultimately sort the puzzle and progress to next stage of the adventure.

Monster Madness Monster Madness

Shaggy is nowhere to be seen and Scooby has to run through hoard of zombies who are trying their every bit to stop Scooby. You can help Scooby in his escape by providing him with open fire to get rid of ghosts trying to get hold of your favorite animated character.

Monster Sandwich Monster Sandwich

Our friends have found a big fridge full of delicious food in a spooky haunted house so they decide to make a monster size sandwich. As Shaggy starts to throw food you need to balance the sandwich so it doesnt tip over. Can you help to make a really monster size sandwich?

Pirates Of The North Pirates Of The North

The Pirates Of The North have kidnapped Shaggy and are keeping him in their secret hideout. You need to help the gang beat those nasty pirates back to their hideout in order to rescue Shaggy safely. Do you think you can help the Mystery Inc gang rescue Shaggy from the pirates of the north?

River Rapids Rampage River Rapids Rampage

In River Rapids Rampage you need to get through creepy levels while trying to solve some mind boggling puzzles to help progress them through the level. Try to help our friends out before they get too spooked and run away and then its game over for you.

Construction Crash Course Construction Crash Course

In Construction Crash Course our hero is flying down a toy hill in a wheel barrow trying to catch up to Shaggy while avoiding all the crazy obsticals and collecting tags and snacks along the way. Get ready to catch up to Shaggy if its the last thing you do. Get ready to play Scooby Doo Construction Crash Course.

Kickin It Kickin It

When it comes to Soccer, Scooby Doo only wants to win. Be the coach and help him master his skills. All the players have to do is make sure that the ball does not fall to the ground. In every game a trick level gets activated once your trick meter is full.

Pinball Pinball

The conventional game of pinball gets a twist. Here in every node which is in the circuit has some points assigned to it. Maneuver the flippers with the arrow keys and do not let the ball fall off. Make it a game between two and let the fun begin.

Ripping Ride Ripping Ride

Scooby is ready to enjoy his favorite water sport. Help him to showcase his amazing surfing skills by using left and right arrow keys. The game also allows users to select the surf board of their choice and wade way through the treacherous waters with ease.

Scrappy Stinks Scrappy Stinks

Scrappy Stinks is a hilarious carnival style game that resembles a carnival duck shooting games. The Scoobster runs back and forth on the screen and you need to throw garbage and try to hit Scrappy but be careful not to hit any members of the Mystery Inc gang.

The Ghosts Of The West The Ghosts Of The West

Ghost of an evil cowboy from west has kidnapped Velma. The gang cannot let their friend be tormented by a ghost. Ride the mystery machine to wade off the several obstacles put up by the evil ghost. Help the gang to be re-united with the brains of their group.

The Haunting Of The East The Haunting Of The East

Fred and Daphne are trapped and the spirit dragons are coming after you. Can you help the Mystery Inc gang find Fred and Daphne, then find the three keys hidden among the level to set them free while making sure that the spirit dragons dont get a hold of you.

Velma Vision Velma Vision

Velma has to look into the deepest chambers of her sub conscious to describe any suspicious activity or person in town. Assist her to describe the villain to the sketch artist. Once sketch is ready police takes on from there and you can ensure that right villain is behind the bars.

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