Scooby is the worlds most loved Great Dane who has got some talent solving mysteries and that is despite of being bit of a coward himself. He is the main character of the Scooby-Doo animation series and franchise that is produced by Hanna-Barbera.
Scoobys full name is actually Scoobert Dooby Rogers. And that is mostly because his master is Shaggy Rogers, another character in the series. Scooby Doo was born at Mrs. Kittinghams puppy farm and he has got a bunch of relatives there. Many of them got featured in TV like Scooby himself. One of his most popular relatives is his very intelligent nephew, Scrappy Doo. The others are Scooby Dum, a cousin, Yabba-Doo, his brother, and Mumsy-Doo, his mother.

Aside from being a little cowardly, Scoobys appetite never seems to reach satisfaction. He is always hungry so his friends give regularly him dog treats, biscuits, and snacks, especially if his help is needed to solve some supernatural cases. Apart from those, Scooby likes to eat a peach cobbler pies although that does not show up too much on TV.
Being a dog, Scooby can not speak straight, but he manages to utter words that his friends, including the viewers, can understand. Scooby also likes charades. He always tries to act up the things he would like to say, especially if he can not describe them or say the right words to mean his sentences.

Scooby is a dog very popular for his brown hair with black spots. He walks on his four legs like other dogs do but can stand up tall like a human. Scoobys patented phrase at the end of each episode is Rooby Rooby Roo, which actually means Scobby Dooby Doo.

Shaggy Rogers

Shaggy is one of the four teenagers who solve supernatural and paranormal crimes in Hanna-Barberas animated series entitled Scooby-Doo. He owns the dog Scooby who, like him, is a coward in a lot of ways. And aside from that, Shaggy is also a bit of a slacker. He always prefers eating instead of helping the gang solve the mystery at hand. If Scooby has to be bribed with dog treats, Shaggys friends need to give him what is called the Shaggy Snack, which is an especially made pizza with extra servings of cheese and pickles.

Shaggy is a lanky guy with sandy hair. His name could have come from his hair style, which is worn in a shaggy-like manner. He does not have a mustache but he has got a rather rough goatee on his chin. His clothes, which rarely change in every episode, consist of a loose green v-neck shirt paired with brown bellbottoms.

Shaggy has successfully developed the great ability to run, although that is mostly because he is afraid of ghosts and is always running away from them. That is also what forces him to hide even in the smallest of places, making him a contortionist in his own right. Shaggy is generally the comic in the group. He has all the antics that could make the viewers laugh.
Shaggy loves to utter words like Zoinks and G-G-G-Ghost in every episode in the series. He frequently uses the word -like- at the start of his sentences, as in -like, no way man!-, -like groovy!-, and -like wow-. Shaggy has a girlfriend named Googie and has created romantic links with characters like Crystal, Rachel, Meadow, and Madelyn Dinkley, who is Velmas younger sister.

Fred Jones

Fred Jones, or more accurately, Frederick Jones, Jr. is one of the teenagers in the quartet of mystery solvers figuring in the Scooby Doo animation series. He is the brainiest and the most adept of the four, which includes Shaggy, Daphne, and Velma. His skills made him the leader of Mystery Incorporated, the name they called their group which investigates paranormal crimes and mysteries in their neighborhood and nearby towns.
If Shaggy wears green shirt and brown pants all the time, Fred always dons his favorite blue shirt worn under white sweaters. Then he pairs it up with a pair of blue jeans. Being the leader of the group, Fred takes the front seat when solving mysteries. He almost always pairs off with Daphne when searching for clues and gathering evidences, leaving Velma with Shaggy and Scooby.

Fred has something going on against Red Herring, which is the neighborhood bully. He almost always blames him for anything happening wrong in the community. Fred also tends to develop an obsession with a lot of things including martial arts, traps, weight lifting, and even wrestling. Another interesting thing about him is the fact that he ca not learn any other language, despite the fact that he is very intelligent.
Daphne has a huge crush on Fred although he never notices it, yet he falls for other girls in the episode just as fast. The romance between Fred and Daphne developed towards the later episodes. They actually dated, fell in love with each other, and got engaged. But later on they have split and decided to remain as friends.

Daphne Blake

Daphne Blake is the pretty, sexy, and sometimes hot lady who is a part of Mystery Incorporated. Along with Fred, Velma, and Shaggy, she solves mysteries that were usually related to the supernatural or the paranormal. She comes from a well-off family, as shown by her elegant ways and rich-kid attire. She has this fabulous red hair that makes her look even more beautiful. She also has a great fashion sense to go along with all of those.
However, Daphnes personality always seems to attract danger. She is the most enthusiastic member of the group, although the most accident-prone one as well. She has strong intuition and always follows it. But even so, she is always the one who ends up in sticky situations and is thus tagged as the groups damsel in distress. In every episode, sweet old Daphne gets kidnapped, imprisoned, gagged, or tied up.

And it is always up to the gang to save her. But in the later episodes, she became stronger. She later on became a more independent woman who can take care of her own self. From being an awkward teenager she grew up to become a candid fashion icon before being a successful journalist and a black belt martial art expert.
Daphne isn not as intelligent as Velma and that maybe the reason why Fred prefers to pair up with her when investigating. But even so, Daphne has her own way of solving crimes and her own set of problems. For one, she is the one who always carries a purse along with her. And with the things inside it, she can pick just about any door or lock.

Velma Dinkley

Velma is the other female in the group called Mystery Incorporated. She is the most intelligent among the four although she is also the one very prone to losing her glasses in almost every episode. Velma hails from Coolville, Ohio of marine biologist parents who travel a lot. Velma is very close to the parents of Fred because she gets to live with them when her parents are not around. Fred is the leader of their group. And when Daphnes family moved to Norville, the three of them became best of friends.
Velma had worn her glasses since she was a kid. She was always teased of being a tomboy although she was never that. She just does not do it like Daphne does, who always manages to look pretty and glamorous all the time. Velma loves simple clothes and comfortable shoes. Even her glasses are so big for her but she prefers them because it gives her better vision. Velma just does not care for appearance much.

Velma is also the youngest member of Mystery Incorporated, finishing high school only at 15 years old. But even if she is the most intelligent one, her age kept her from leading the group. So Fred has got to do it. More often than not, Velma has the strongest hunch as to who did the crime. But she wont say a word until she is one hundred percent sure even if that means they have to wait until they get to pull the mask off the perpetrator.
Velma is mostly identified with her short pleated skirt, big orange sweater, and knee-high socks. She especially loves reading about science and is looking to pursue a career over at the NASA.